Finals, Friends, Respects

Well, it’s Finals week at GTCC. I have an exam on Tuesday and two on Wednesday. As I have said countless times to my countless friends(okay that was a lie, more like four friends), fuck statistics. I should be studying right now, but I have to fulfill my role as a lazy person and watch basketball as I type this up. Tomorrow and the next few days, for real.

Seriously, I have like four friends. It’s fucking awesome. There are plenty of people who enjoy my craziness(Psychopath, hello?) Are they my friends? Eh, I’ll let you decide. Those four friends don’t include my two husbands. Yes, we are married. It’s totally legit.

As I leave you to go back to your dull, dull lives, I ask you two things.
1) I ask you to laugh, think, and cry. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, you’ve had a full day. R.I.P. Jimmy V
2) Always remember the good Nelson Mandela has done for not only South Africa, but for his inspiration around the world. After spending twenty-seven years in prison for treason, he was released, became President, ended South Africa’s Apartheid views, and even brought same-sex marriage to South Africa, the only African nation to recognize same-sex marriages. He’s truly a hero for equality. R.I.P. Nelson Mandela.

P.S. No, Paris Hilton, he did not give the “I Have A Dream” speech. -facepalm-

Edit: That tweet was a fake.


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