The City South vs. The Country South

Yesterday, my parents and I voyaged down to Cherryville, NC, for our annual Christmas get together with my mom’s side of the family. Cherryville is a small, country town about 2 hours away from High Point, NC. My mom’s family is rather small, as compared to my dad’s. The only people at the the party were the hosts, my mom’s cousin and their two sons, as well as the girlfriend of one of them and my mom’s sister, her daughter, and her daughter’s boyfriend, who live in Salisbury, NC, another small, country town.

After games of pool, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the large dinner, my cousins Tom, Sam, and Shelby, Sam’s girlfriend, Heather, Shelby’s boyfriend, Alex, and I went four wheeling in the woods. After watching them ride for a while, it was my turn. Shelby gave me a ride and I tried to study on how she drove it, but alas, it was not enough. I was given a little opportunity, but after realizing I had no fucking clue what I was doing, they advised me stop and I agreed.

You see, High Point is a small city, so there aren’t many wooded areas where you can four wheel. I’ve always lived in the city. I grew up in the Winston Salem, NC, another city, except much larger than High Point.

You can obviously tell the difference between the city and the country south, so every trip up there is a reminder I live in the city south. I may not be able to drive a four wheeler, or shoot a shotgun well, or hunt, but I like being in the city. Much more to do. Sure, I live in the exact opposite of the South stereotype, but there’s nothing wrong with that.